Chobe Day Trip!!!

This tour departs early in the morning to maximize the chances of encountering cats in both the Zambezi and Chobe National Parks. You will have a chance to witness sunset on the Chobe River, and may see big cats again in the Zambezi National Park as the tour does not leave the Botswana border until 7:00pm. Packed breakfast, lunch and refreshments are included.

Lion Encounter!!!


Zimbabwe’s Lion Encounter offer a unique opportunity to walk with Lion cubs up to the age of 18 months old. These are captive bred lion cubs who are ‘trained’ only to the point that it is safe to walk with them. They are not pets and they will not sit on command! These walks help them become familiar with their surroundings (as they would in the wild) and become familiar with the other game that live in the park.

The Boma!!!

Place of Eating…

The Boma – Place of Eating provides a unique cultural experience that bombards the senses with the tastes, sights, sounds & smells of Africa