White water rafting

The Mighty Victoria Falls

White water rafting starts with a 100m walk down into the Bakota Gorge where (dependent on the season and water level) you set off on a journey through up to 24 Grade 3-5 rapids on the mighty Zambezi River. Physically demanding, you’ll be running on adrenaline all day – but remember to keep some in the tank for the 200m climb back OUT of the gorge. That’s right folks, the canyon gets deeper the further you go!

Must Do!!!



A trip to Victoria Falls is not complete without a visit to the famous and awe-inspiring Bridge. Towering over the Batoka Gorge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, it provides a platform for a unique set of adventurous activities set against the backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls namely the Bungee Jump, Bridge Swing and the less adventurous Bridge Slide and Historic Bridge Tours.

Gorge Swing!!!

The Mighty Victoria Falls

You stand on a platform 120m above the flowing Zambezi river below, attach yourself to a harness and simply, step off. (Or can can run, jump, dive – the possibilities are only limited by your ‘bravery/stupidity’!) After leaving the safety of the platform you then drop 70m straight down in free fall before the rope tightens and swings in a 95 degree arc. Pure adrenaline pumping awesomeness!