Kindergarten Project

The kindergarten is filled with children eager to learn from varying backgrounds and from the local rural community of Chidobe. Volunteers are greatly needed to support organizing children’s daily activities and schedules to help stimulate their minds and capture their interests. There are a variety of activities you can do with the children such as art projects, games and songs. As you would appreciate, at a day care centre or kindergarten, education is through play, this therefore means that as a volunteer you will spend most of your time creating play platforms for children. It will be such an interesting venture for our volunteers with high adrenaline and creativity working with younger children. These will be children between the ages 3 to 6 years of age in a rural set up. Currently the centre has 35 children who access education services and are fed on site. This centre is open to volunteers between 0730hrs to 1230hrs. There seem to be very little time each day but we guarantee you a lot of fun to last you the entire day in just the 5hours you spend with the children.

Volunteers will make use of both indoor and outdoor play equipment through the available play materials to engage children. The Day Care Centre is equipped with an outdoor play ground with varying play sets such as see saws, swing ladders, swings, slides among others. Based on volunteer experiences from their country of origin, it would make a lot of impact if volunteers took it upon themselves to improve the standards of this Day Care Centre through incorporating activities and play games which they know from their country.

As a volunteer, you will help prepare meals on a fire and facilitate the feeding of the 35 children. This will all happen with the support of our local staff and the teacher in charge. Volunteers will ensure total safety and health standards are observed for children. It is at this stage that children are also initiated into hygiene standards which the volunteers will lead the process through teaching children to wash their hands after using a toilet and before eating. Interacting with the children on a daily and personal basis is both incredibly rewarding and enlightening. You will learn all about a new culture, but you will learn about a whole new way of life and a new way to look at things by working with these children.