Health Care Project

In many parts of Africa people live in poor conditions, especially in rural settlements. Millions of people experience deprivation of the most basic rights to water, shelter and food. The medical infrastructure in Zimbabwe is very low and often people need to walk long distances to receive medical aid. Our hospitals and medical centres are desperately short of drugs, medical equipment and even health care professionals. This project is implemented in partnership with a local hospital in Victoria Falls to give much-needed help and support to the understaffed nurses and doctors in their daily challenges. Volunteers mainly assist in administrative duties, basic treatment and patient support. They also participate in community health awareness programmes to inform communities against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other common diseases and support the hospital in their Home Based Programmes with HIV infected community members and elderly people.

Area of Operation

Afroedge is operating in Hwange District in Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe. The organization has projects in Victoria Falls rural and urban. We are authorized to work within Zimbabwe but are currently focused on Matabeleland North Province in which we have all necessary authorization documents.

Cooperating Partners In Zimbabwe

  • Masiye Camps (MCs)
  • Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC)
  • Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE)
  • Sizinda rural community
  • Hwange Rural District Council (HRDC)
  • Zimbabwe Medical Students Association (ZIMSA)


The programme has attracted volunteers from the United States of America, Britain, Denmark, Spain, South Africa and Germany. Through these volunteers, we have contributed towards the infrastructural development constructing and renovating more than 30 out of 56 primary schools in Hwange district. Our quarterly PSS camps have become the flagship of our programme. The camps have attracted groups of young students from Universities and professionals in Germany and the United States of America. Youths in the Southern African region have also been participating in the camps whose theme is “promoting the psychological wellbeing of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS”.