ZIMZAM Wildlife Conservation and Healthcare Project

ZIMZAM Wildlife Conservation and Healthcare COMBO Project

Here is an opportunity never to be missed. We have launched a new and exciting project for our volunteers who wish to volunteer and experience life in two different countries in Southern Africa in one go. International volunteers are unlikely to find a more amazing location than this to help make a difference to the lives of others. From the UNESCO Victoria Falls World Heritage Site, the many adventure options on offer, the wildlife and the scenery, this is most definitely a place to tick off the bucket list while also helping conserve wildlife and support a local hospital. Volunteers will visit Zimbabwe in Victoria Falls were they have an opportunity to engage in the Wildlife and Conservation project working directly with elephants.


Volunteering with elephants and other wildlife species is an exciting and worthwhile cause to participate in. Volunteers tasks include but not limited to taking good care of the elephants, bathing, cleaning and preparing pens, organizing milk bottles, feeding elephants, working alongside the local team to create a sustainable living environment for the next and current generation of elephants, and maybe even the chance to shadow a veterinary professional administering medicine to sick and injured elephants.

Our project will gives you a chance to experience the real wildlife contact and ask the questions you have always wanted to ask about these wildlife species. No two volunteers will have the same experience due to the ever changing nature of the experiences we render to our volunteers. You can be sure this will match your desired needs and you will love it… Once our volunteers have completed their first adventure volunteer experience in Victoria Falls, we facilitate their transportation to the Victoria Falls border as they prepare for their experience in the Medical field in Mwandi – Zambia. Our team from the Zambian side will gladly pick our volunteers up to the project located close to 160km from Livingstone town. Here, we offer volunteering to all Health Care professionals including pharmacists, Medical students, teachers, pre-medical students, mid wives and Social Workers. In addition, we are able to obtain any Retired or practicing Doctor approval from the Health Care Professional Minister’s Office to practice medicine at Yeta Community Hospital. There are a few forms to fill out and there is a slight charge, please contact us for additional information. For other medical personnel this approval is not necessary. You just need to acquire a Business Visa upon arrival.


The hospital is a fully equipped 103 bed hospital that includes an outpatient department, pharmacy, operating theaters, maternity ward for males and for females. They are a community hospital and they receive next to nothing from the government so are always in need of whatever medical supplies or equipment our volunteers can bring them. Doctors and nurses are welcoming and volunteers issued with practicing certificates are allowed to do as much as they are comfortable with including delivering babies and assisting or observing with operations or medical procedures. If you really want to see up close and personal Western Medicine working in a real African village, this is the place to come for an exciting and rewarding challenge.


Volunteers who join us on this project can choose to start their program in Mwandi Zambia or Victoria Falls Zimbabwe whichever way suits them best. Volunteers will need to apply for a business visa at the port of entry in Zimbabwe. For the experience in Zambia, the visa requirements may differ depending on the volunteer’s profession. Non practicing volunteers will basically need to get a business visa. Please contact us for further information.