House Rules

We would like you to have a thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding, and fun stay with us in Zambia. With experience we have found that certain actions by a minority can have a negative impact on the majority of volunteers, thus we have implemented certain guidelines which will allow everyone to enjoy your stay. To help us maintain the high standard of cleanliness, comfort, and safety that make the guest house a home for all volunteers, please read the House Rules and abide by them at all times throughout your stay.

A. General

  • 1. Please be respectful of others at all times of the day where noise levels and cleanliness are concerned.
  • 2. Please clean up after yourself as you go to ensure that all volunteers feel comfortable in the accommodation and they are not overwhelmed by your unkempt belongings
  • 3. After 22:00 noise levels must be kept to a minimum especially in the house and where people are trying to rest.
  • 4. Our property is a smoking and alcohol free area. Any volunteer caught in possession on of, or found to be using illegal drugs on our property or during their stay in Zambia will be escorted from the promises and may be reported to the local authorities
  • 5. Please turn off all lights/TV/music and other electrical appliances as you leave the house if they are not likely to be needed for a while
  • 6. If a volunteer is responsible for damage to the house or any part of property that volunteer will be charged the fix and/or replace the damaged items.
  • 7. Please take care of the keys issued to you. If you lose or damage your key you will be charged a replacement fee.
  • 9. When you are doing your laundry, showering, and washing dishes please use the water carefully and do not waste the water.
  • 10. There are weekly power outages several times a week so please keep this in mind and remember that you are in a different country.
  • 11. Volunteers are allowed to have visitors but all visitors must leave by 21:00hrs.
  • 12. on the day of your departure please be out of your room by 10:00hrs.
  • 13. Please leave the toilet and shower areas in clean conditions after every use
  • 14. Personal toiletry items should be kept safe

C. Bedrooms

  • 1. To ensure there is equal space for everyone please free up the cupboards and hanging space which you are not necessarily using
  • 2. Personal belongings should not be left lying around the room
  • 3. Please be respectful of other volunteers especially those who need more sleep than you. If you wish to read late please use the sitting room. If you arrive late in the night please try to avoid waking up other volunteers.
  • 4. Although we have no problem with volunteers getting together, we kindly ask that you refrain from having sex on our property. If you do feel you want to get to know each other better we can recommend local hostels and guesthouses that can provide you with a private room. This is since our rooms are shared and the presence of children all around our properties. It is rather difficult to bring up children in such complicated environments.
  • 5. Please make your bed each morning and ensure that personal items are stored neatly and not left lying around the house.

D. Sitting Room

  • Please turn off all electrical appliances if you are the last one leaving the room – especially the TV and DVD player
  • Please do not leave personal items in the lounge.
  • E. Kitchen

    • 1. After every meal or drink please wash, dry, and put away any items you have used.
    • 2. Please wipe down the wall top, cutting board, oven, tap, and sink area after every use (Zambian insects love your leftovers!)
    • 3. Make sure to check your food as to avoid leaking and consuming out of date products
    • 4. Please label your food
    • 5. Please store all of your valuable items in your lockable cupboard we hope you enjoy your stay with us and have the most memorable experience. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Africa – the most beautiful place on earth.