HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support Project


This wonderful program aims to help some of the thousands of children of Zimbabwe who suffer from HIV/AIDS or whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS, by offering education and support programs. One quarter of Zimbabwean children are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and around 170,000 have the disease. These children are living in abject poverty and in dire need of support. For those volunteers who truly want to help African children in need there are no more worthy children of your help and compassion. Set in the beautiful Victoria Falls region, international volunteers have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help Zimbabwean children who were never given a fair chance and to help make their lives brighter. This is an amazing volunteering opportunity for those who need no other skills but an open heart and the willingness to work on programs that can make vulnerable children’s lives better.

Project Highlights:

  • Help make life brighter for children with HIV/AIDS or who are affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Facilitate programs and activities for these children to educate and support them and to help them lead better lives
  • Stay with a wonderful host family and become immersed in the local culture
  • Visit the spectacular Victoria Falls and check out the Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino)

This program has a profound effect on children who are living with HIV/AIDS or who have been orphaned by this devastating disease. These children face hardships in everyday life and discrimination. The program’s aim is to provide a safe environment for these children to be supported and to educate them, and others, on HIV/AIDS. Projects reach children through school-based clubs and reach youth through out-of-school sporting activities. As soccer is one of the biggest sports in Africa and the vast majority of youth follow the sport, soccer is used as a way to bring these youths together and offer support and education. To date, more than 600 children and youth have been supported through the program, and it is hoped to greatly increase this number going forward. Educating children on the disease, how to prevent it, what it may actually mean for those with the disease, and how they can go on to live fulfilling lives makes a huge difference to vulnerable youth and children, many with no family and who feel disillusioned. This program really can make a true difference to those who face unimaginable challenges in everyday life.