Expectations of Volunteers

A. Communication Book: Please make sure to sign in and out during each visit and to wear your name badge while you are working.

B. Attendance It is your responsibility to report to work on time. Absenteeism or tardiness may cause undue stress on other staff members who will have to fill in for the absent volunteer. If for some reason you will be absent or late to your placement, please let one of the staff members know and arrange for someone to take over your duties.

C. Dress Code The clothes you wear should reflect the requirements of the job and the working conditions. During your work hours both men and women should wear clothing that falls below their knees in order to be respectful of the Zambian culture. During your free time you can wear anything you like.

D. Driving Requirements Volunteers who will be driving a vehicle as part of their duties must

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have a valid international driver’s license and a good driving record
  • Have completed a defensive driving course within six months of beginning the volunteer position to drive a vehicle.
  • Be registered as a volunteer with us
  • Report any vehicle accident to the directors Note: any accident caused by a volunteer’s careless driving will result in the volunteer being responsible to pay any and all insurance bills and other penalties