Arrival In Zambia

A. Airport Arrival :Below is a list of emergency numbers for our Staff. When you arrive at the airport one of the staff members will meet you there to pick you up.

  • Mr. Phiri +260 97 7862642
  • Miss. Naomi + 260 97 8362837
  • Mr. Situmbeko Sitondo + 260 97 7806399

B. Orientation : There will be a day of orientation regarding the culture, ministry, and policies. For your safety and wellbeing.

C. Accommodation : Accommodation is provided and inclusive in the program fee

D. Activities and Relaxation: There are many different activities you can participate in during your free time. For a full list of activities please ask our staff. There are also several great restaurants in town as well as local markets you can visit to buy traditional African souvenirs.

E. Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking : Our property is a smoke and alcohol-free area. Any volunteer caught in possession of or using illegal drugs on the property or at any time during their stay in Zambia will be escorted from the premises and may be reported to local authorities. As mentioned above, drinking alcohol is prohibited on our property.

F. Laundry : You can either do your laundry by hand or ask to use the washing machine for a 15 Kwacha fee. If you wash your laundry by hand you are free to use the water; however, please use the water wisely in order to avoid unnecessary water bills.

G. Personal Belongings :Personal belongings should not be left scattered around your room. Please take care of your valuables and ensure to store them in a safe place. If you have a large quantity of cash or you have other valuable items you need to you can ask one of the staff members to place it in a safe

H. Internet : You can go to MTN or Zamtel in town to purchase a Zambian SIM Card for your phone which will allow you to call, text, and have access to 3G internet

I. Safety : At night it is especially important that you travel in groups of two or more. To get to town from our premises you should take a taxi. Our staff can provide you with a list of phone numbers for local trustworthy taxi drivers. Please avoid carrying large quantities of cash and valuables with you.

J. Food : Self-catering to all the pots, plates, and cutlery is provided in the kitchen.

K. Water : We have borehole water which is safe to use and drink. If you prefer you can also purchase mineral water from the Shoprite, the local grocery store.